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Nordic network the North Alliance (NoA) is launching NoA Health – a new agency specialized in healthcare

NoA Health_Louisa Lee, Mikael Jørgensen, Kim Schaumann Johansen[5]

NoA is one of the Nordic region’s most successful and award-winning advertising, design and tech networks, a ‘family’ of 12 agencies across five countries, with a culture based on Nordic values, such as equality, collaboration and creative diversity. As part of an ambitious expansion plan, the network is announcing a new agency today: NoA Health. NoA Health is already operational and led by a management team consisting of experienced healthcare experts. The agency aims to tackle the industry’s complexities and address untapped engagement opportunities to drive growth through creative excellence.

Mikael Jørgensen, Country Manager for NoA Denmark, explains the need for an agency – focused on pharmaceutical, MedTech and medical devices – that deeply understands and respects the complexities of the ever-changing healthcare environment and adds to the creative excellence and “out of the box” thinking that NoA agencies across disciplines are known for.

“Customer orientation, through the power of creative excellence and substantial insight in the industry, is the foundation for NoA Health. We truly believe that these capabilities could transform marketing and communication within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We have a huge ambition to create better creative solutions that drive top-line growth,” Mikael Jørgensen remarks.

Reaping untapped opportunities

Kim Schaumann Johansen, Managing Director of NoA Health, explains: “At NoA Health, we believe that the healthcare industry delivers life changing and exceptional results through their products and services. The healthcare industry is always looking to maximize untapped opportunities, to create better connections with their customers, that lead to a stronger commercial impact.”

NoA Health will partner with clients to address these opportunities.

“When building NoA Health we have used our collective experience to define and attract the right group of people who have a strong skillset in healthcare marketing. Therefore, the team is able to engage our clients and inspire them to think differently about their own business. Our ambition is clear, we want to be an exceptional global healthcare agency that delivers outstanding results for our clients,” Kim Schaumann Johansen elaborates.

Big ideas tailormade for healthcare

Louisa Lee, Client Services Director and Partner, touches on what makes NoA Health unique.

“At NoA Health, we get it. 99 percent of healthcare companies always ask new agencies to bring forward proposals that are innovative and different. The truth is, they never hire agencies unless they also have the ability to deliver on the traditional marketing communications and activities that they need. That is where NoA Health stands apart from other agencies. We have the knowledge and experience to understand our clients’ space and we bring the creative excellence and innovation that our sister agencies within The North Alliance are known for. Big ideas that are realistic for clients.”

In short, Kim Schaumann Johansen concludes: “NoA Health enables strong business results by collaborating with – and respectfully pushing – our clients toward creating a strong customer orientation that creates enthusiasm and engagement”.

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