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FCB Health Brasil and Nestlé Health Science create heartwarming film to celebrate professional nutritionists

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Nutrition connects people around the world and can change lives. This is the concept of the tribute to nutritionists created by FCB Health Brasil for Nestlé Health Science. The idea is to show how nutrition brings people together and creates lasting bonds.

The animated video titled “Malu,” produced by Zombie Studios and directed by Paulo Garcia, upliftingly shows the connections between two people who find themselves in different phases of their lives. The first is Malu, a child at school who receives nutritional care that is a true form of affection. The school chef helps the child see food and mealtimes in a different way.  The second portion of the film focuses on Malu as an adult, now working as a nutritionist, and recognizing who made a difference in her life. She seeks to give back by also providing care and affection. The connection between the two is established through nutrition.



“Nutritionists play an essential role in patients’ recovery. We sought to make a tribute that would recognize this amazing value, through the emotional link that nutritionists create with people,” explained Juliana Bortali, from Nestlé Health Science. “The script is very poetic, a kind of Proustian exploration of our emotional memory of food,” added Mauro Arruda, ECD and Co-Managing Director of FCB Health Brasil.


Nestlé Health Science chose FCB Health Brasil as the agency for an annual communications project for its Medical Nutrition division. The project is focused on enteral alimentation, a treatment for people who are unable to completely feed themselves through the mouth.

This is the first time that Nestlé Health’s hospital and non-hospital channels are undertaking strategically distinct approaches, unified under the concept “Nutrition Connects Us.”



Title: Malu

Product: Nestlé Health Science

Agency: FCB Health Brasil

Chief Creative Officer: Diego Freitas and Mauro Arruda

Art Director: Diogo Barbosa and Laura Hyppolito

Copywriter: Breno Ferreira

Illustrations: Laura Hyppolito

Projects: Gustavo Zaize

Brands & Business: Elton Longhi, Fabíola Toschi, and Jéssica Machado

Planning: Luana Azeredo and Flávia Novelli

Media: Fábio Freitas, Leonardo Souza, Juliano Zeitlin, Matheus Kafka

RTV: Charles Nobili, Murillo Moretti, Mariana Carneiro, Pedro Lazzuri, and Ricardo Magozo

Animation Studio: Zombie Studio

Director: Paulo Garcia

Creative Directors: Daniel Salles and Yohann da Geb

Executive Producer: Natalia Gouvêa

Client Services: Stefanie Dias

Producers: Antonela Castro, Marcio Lovato and  Leticia Harumi

CGI Supervisor: Gustavo Rangel

Composition: Gustavo Rangel, Ricardo Alves, and Boson Post

Color Grading: Psycho n’ Look

Music and Sound Design: LOUD

Producer: Felipe Vassão

Client Services: Priscila Miranda

Marketing Nestlé Health Science: Mariana Lemos, Juliana Bortali, Ana Figueiredo, Mariana Gimenez, Livia Modesto, Stephanie Gomes

E-business e Midia Nestlé: Victor VendraminiLeila Shimanoe, Rafael Turri