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JOLT and The Ideas Foundation both win The Creative Floor Awards Talent Fund

TCF WInners 2018 V2

The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards have awarded their £15,000.00 2017 Talent & Diversity Fund to JOLT and The Ideas Foundation.

This the first time that there have been two joint winners. JOLT and The Ideas Foundation will be teaming up to use the fund on a project together. Over the past 5 years, The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards has raised over £55,000.00 towards its Talent & Diversity Fund.

Any charity or organisation from across the world could apply for the money. All they had to do was answer the following brief:

How would you use the fund to help increase underprivileged talent and diversity into health and wellness communication agencies? 

This years submissions came from School of Communication of Arts 2.0, Create Jobs, Comino Creative Consortium, JOLT and The Ideas Foundation. Winners of The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards 2017 each had a vote on who wins the money.

Andy Knell, Founder, JOLT said: “Having personally started out my career as an ad man working on pharma brands I am passionate about the creative possibilities in healthcare and believe with the help of The Creative Floor funding that the JOLTers will bring fresh perspectives and energy to the healthcare sector.

Helen Poole, Creative Programme Manager The Ideas Foundation said: “Having worked with Andy to help propel our students further in to the industry through the JOLT scheme, we know it will be a great collaboration. Last years funding helped us to produce powerful projects based around mental health, prostate cancer and the sugar tax, we can’t wait to see where this years funding takes us!

Heather MacRae, Managing Director, The Ideas Foundation said: The Ideas Foundation is delighted to receive The Creative Floor award for the third year in a row. The funding gives us a chance to work with healthcare comms to inspire a new creative class.

Shaheed Peera, Founder, The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards said: “Last year our fund helped a bunch of school kids set a Guinness Book of Records with McCann Health. We set out 5 years ago to make a difference to the healthcare creative industry and in our small way, I think we’re on our way to doing that. I’m hugely grateful to Everyone who supports our award show. None of this would be possible without it.”



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