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VMLY&Rx announces Nichole Davies as Global Chief Strategy Officer to head up new global strategic practice


VMLY&Rx, the world’s first global agency dedicated to Rx pharmaceutical companies who are researching and developing breakthrough therapies, has hired Nichole Davies as Global Chief Strategy Officer.

Nichole will lead a new global strategic practice to deliver and enable connected health strategies for clients. The team comprises specialists across a wide range of strategic expertise including brand, activation, innovation and medical. Its primary remit is to break down silos and create connected strategies across the multiple and diverse stakeholders within the health ecosystem.

Nichole Davies Global Chief Strategy Officer VMLY&Rx comments:

“The demands on our healthcare systems around the world have never been greater. As a consequence, there’s a need for a profound shift away from selling product towards providing solutions that help alleviate the growing pressures and complexities. To improve health outcomes, we must breakdown the silos that are created by vertical strategies.

We’re all very are aware how much the past year has accelerated the transformation within health. The market is becoming more challenging to navigate and connectivity and agility are critical for success. I’m delighted to be able to lead this change with the VMLY&Rx teams at such an important time for all of us.”

Claire Gillis, Global CEO VMLY&Rx adds:

“As anyone who works in the health will testify,  there is less time and more to do. Today’s health environment is complex, fast paced and demanding.  We need to find new ways of connecting with busy healthcare professionals. The strain the pandemic has placed on our health systems around the world has only added to the challenge. Having a strong change maker like Nichole to help us lead this transformation gives our teams and our clients the opportunity to do something that unities us all: to create better health experiences.”

Previously, Nichole led strategy for Wunderman Thompson Health, Grey Health and Interbrand Health after a decade in consulting. Her experience spans many categories including oncology & immunology, rare disease, respiratory, women’s health, diabetes, nutrition and hospitals. Throughout her career she has worked with industry leaders including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Lilly, Sanofi, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, Merck, Genentech, and the Mayo Clinic.