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Video on leveraging social in regulated industry: How do pharma companies stay on top?

In general, the pharma industry has been relatively slow to embrace social media. A recent report by IMS Institute found only half of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies actively participate in social media, and many are using it to simply broadcast messages. However, not all pharma companies are holding back – some are pioneers in social media activity and are using the platforms to their advantage.

This panel event discusses how pharma companies can do social media well and stay on top in this always on, always connected world. The event is aimed at healthcare professionals, community managers, pharma industry employees and people with an interest in the impact of social media in the pharma industry. It will be a panel discussion with short presentations from the speakers, followed by an interactive audience discussion and Q&As. By attending the event we hope you will gain a deeper understanding of how pharma can utilise social media channels effectively.


  • Justin Webb, BBC Radio 4 Journalist and Today Programme Presenter
  • Judith von Gordon, Head of Global Media and PR at Boehringer Ingelheim (one of the world’s leading pharma companies on social media)
  • Henry Scowcroft, News and Multimedia Manager at Cancer Research UK
  • Dr Alistair Lindsay, Cardiologist and Social Media Editor for the BMJ journal ‘Heart’
  • Janet Morgan, Director, Corporate Reporting and Content at GSK