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The UN issues an open COVID-19 brief to creatives

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 8.20.08 AM

The UN has issued an open brief to creatives worldwide to come up with messaging around COVID-19.

The brief, which can be accessed HERE, calls on creatives to come up with “fresh, innovative content” that will address these “unprecedented times,”  and to help translate “critical public health messages” into “different cultures, communities and platforms” to help stop the spread of the virus.

The UN has identified six key areas to focus on:

  1. personal hygiene,
  2. social distancing,
  3. knowing the symptoms,
  4. global solidarity,
  5. myth-busting,
  6. and donation.

The brief says it is seeking “a multitude of creative solutions” from the likes of creators, influencers, talent, networks, media owners and more. Formats required include video, audio, graphics and activations.

The document also quotes UN-Secretary General Antonio Guterre as saying: “The creativity of the response must match the unique nature of the crisis- and the magnitude of the response must match its scale.”

Good luck to all creatives considering working on this open brief. Now, more than ever, the world is relying on creativity to solve the problems caused by this pandemic.