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Horizon Therapeutics and Area 23 Launch ‘Down and Out Kidney’ for National Kidney Month (March)


AREA 23 and Horizon Therapeutics launched a new campaign called Down and Out Kidney, which sheds light on the prevalence and impact of gout in chronic kidney disease, and aims to facilitate an important conversation with nephrologists – kidney specialists – particularly during National Kidney Month (March).

Down and Out Kidney features an immersive animated video that casts the kidney as the unsuspecting lead character whose growing interaction with uric acid endangers not only himself, but his friends – foot, hand, bone and heart. Using animation as an out-of-the-box way to engage on a serious topic, the video facilitates a conversation with nephrologists about the connection between the kidneys, uric acid and subsequent body-wide urate-burden complications, while drawing attention to the latest research.

“So much of the promotional work we do is clinical. Down and Out Kidney gave the chance to breakthrough and humanize our disease state story. By personifying the kidney and the various body parts affected by gout and uric crystal deposition, we communicate a clinical story in a moving way,” said Steve Hennisch, Creative Director at AREA 23. “When you consider how passionate nephrologists are about the kidney, our approach makes a lot of sense. After all, doctors are human too. Why shouldn’t our story resonate emotionally?” 

“When you look at the data – that one in four moderate-to-severe chronic kidney disease patients has gout – it is clear that there needs to be a shift in how gout is viewed and managed,” said Ingrid McPhilliamy, vice president, gout business unit, Horizon. “With limited time to catch the attention of nephrologists, it is important to engage them on a personal and emotional level. Down and Out Kidney brings to life the burden the kidney undergoes when processing uric acid and when it fails to do so effectively.”

Credit List:

CCO: Tim Hawkey

GCDs: David Adler, Jason Graff

CDs: Steve Hennisch, Leah Kabrhel

Producer: Jack Hogan

Account: Tom Sudovar, Amy Spence, Lir Dimanstein

Animation Studio: Hornet

Sound/Score: Canja


Horizon Brand Team

Ingrid McPhilliamy Vice President, Gout Business Unit

Michael Nagro Senior Director, Gout Business Unit

Julie Hernandez Senior Director, Gout Business Unit