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Havas Lynx is named Communications Consultancy Of The Year at the Communiqué Awards


Havas Lynx saw off competition from Virgo Health and Red Door Unlimited to take the prestigious agency award last night, whilst their inventive internal training programme AvatarZ claimed the Excellence in Corporate Commuunications – Internal Stake Holders prize.

CEO David Hunt reflected on a momentous evening: “I’d like to say a huge thanks to all of our client partners. AvatarZ winning tonight is a great testament to the bravery and desire for innovation we encounter from all the clients we work with. They’ve played a huge part in what we’ve built here over the last 29 years, as have our incredible team. I find the ambition of our staff is an endless source of inspiration, and their efforts continue to produce work that defines the sector and shapes better healthcare outcomes.”

The much sought-after Communications Consultancy Of The Year gong is awarded for all-round performance, recognising factors such as quality of output, client satisfaction as well as staff development.

Commenting on the work the Communiqué judges said: “This is a remarkable piece of work and a great example of transformative communications. “It truly speaks to a new generation through a creative idea developed out of insight and deep understanding of the target audience in terms of their practices and preferences. It is forward-thinking, engaging and game-changing.”

Regarding the team at Havas Lynx, Commercial Director Neil Martin added: “We’re very passionate about developing the huge talent we have here. In the last two years we’ve launched #LXAcademy, a learning programme featuring speakers from the likes of LEGO and the McLaren F1 team, and enrichment and reward programme #LYNXLife. We see the benefits of these initiatives everyday in the quality of our output, and the awards tonight further highlight the value of our investment.”

Havas Lynx’s AvatarZ beat Ogilvy Healthworld and Johnson & Johnson UK in the Corporate Communications category. Developed for AstraZeneca Japan, AvatarZ combines sophisticated game-based methodologies with an enchanting anime aesthetic to deliver a captivating interactive learning experience.

Interactive Director, Adam Emmott, said of the project: “Faced with geographical challenges, and implementing something completely new, we didn’t expect so much success so soon; within months the user count had proved the concept in practice; it snowballed. I’m very proud that we have been recognised for a project as crazy as this.”