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Sniffer dogs track down sexually transmitted infections in members of the public

A spoof documentary following the officers and dogs of the STI Detection Unit as they sniff out undetected STIs around the UK has been released by Randox Laboratories and Langland.

The film, which shows unsuspecting punters outed in public by Radar, Jazz, Frisbee and their handlers, ends with an invitation to ‘check your privates in private’ with the Confidante home STI test from Randox Laboratories. The light-hearted strategy is designed to prompt 25-34 year olds to think about their sexual health and get tested. 

While the campaign centres around the ‘Sniffers’ mockumentary, produced in partnership with Hungry Man comedy directors Chaplin & Forbes, it is being driven with on-going social engagement across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. An up-and-coming comedian has been enlisted to entertain fans via these channels over the next few months.

Chris Henry, Marketing Manager at Randox, said: “Our goal was to engage a whole new audience of potential customers who may be too embarrassed to get a sexual health check. We believe this campaign does exactly that, communicating the shock of being exposed in public, but doing it with humour, in a way people can engage with, without feeling they are publically declaring they have an STI.”

“The idea that trained sniffer dogs are able to detect STIs in the general public is not as far fetched as it sounds, with some dogs already helping to spot the early symptoms of other diseases such as cancer,” added Andrew Spurgeon, Executive Creative Director at Langland. “Showing how uncomfortable it could be to be publicly exposed as harbouring an infection by the STI Detection Unit, perfectly demonstrates the benefits of testing discreetly at home with Confidante.”


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