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MIKE ROWE Gets A Prostate Exam On Camera


To show men just how easy it is to advocate for their own prostate health, ad agency Erich & Kallman worked with non-profit organization Zero – The End of Prostate Cancer to created a PSA in which TV host Mike Rowe speaks to men about the importance of routine exams … while getting an exam of his own.

“I wanted men to see—for real—just how fast and simple the process is, and just how critically important early detection can be,” Rowe explained. “But men don’t need a lecture, and the world doesn’t need another PSA filled with sad faces and cello music because lectures, sad faces, and cello music don’t work. What works is authenticity, and this is quite possibly the most authentic thing I’ve ever filmed.”

Watch the ad below:


Agency: Erich & Kallman
Production Company: ContagiousLA
Director: Andrew Laurich
DP: Scott Uhlfelder
EP: Natalie Sakai
Producer: Hannah Rome
Colorist: Stephen Derluguian
Audio Mix: Barking Owl
Mixer: Matt Keith
Music: Haystack Music
Track: “Your Smile is the Sun” by Andrew Sherman
Music Supervisor: Ryan Alons
Executive Producer: Ian Jeffreys