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Handheld Device that Analyzes Chemicals and Allergens in Food

TellSpec is a reliable and accurate personal device that detects nutrients, calories, toxic chemicals and allergens in food. This invention is the first of its kind and will give consumers the power to make an informed choice about what to buy or what to eat before consuming any food. People who are interested in weight loss, bodybuilding, allergens, anti-aging, and/or healthy eating will be able to incorporate TellSpec into their healthcare regimen with their doctor, naturopath, personal trainer or dietitian.

“We are committed to building a healthier world by empowering individuals to make informed personal choices about what they eat and drink,” says Isabel Hoffman, CEO and co-founder of TellSpec. “We are proud to launch the TellSpec project as part of the new personal healthcare technology. TellSpec will be useful in a wide array of applications because today there are more reasons than ever for people to be aware of and care about the integrity of their food.”

“TellSpec brings together laser spectroscopy and our patent-pending mathematical algorithm for analyzing the chemical composition of any food,” says Stephen Watson, PhD, mathematician, and co-founder/CTO of TellSpec. “We are developing a handheld scanner and a cloud analysis engine that work together to gather the spectrum of your food, analyze that spectrum, and display information about the food on your smartphone.”