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eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015

eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015 will set the vision for your 2020 plans. As your customer takes charge this meeting will enable you take the steps you need to become their partner of choice. The conference will aim to demonstrate real innovation and patient centric solutions by following these four principles

  • Do it Right: Create a future-proof model which truly represents and reflects customer desires. Fill it with strong ethics, standards, cross-functional communication and a real sense of the value you provide
  • The Era of Empowerment: Incentivise your newly-trained sales force to engage key influencers, create ambassadors and drive a step-change in results – right the way through to patient outcomes. See who from Pfizer, GSK and MSD will be speaking on this
  • A Bulletproof Core: Build the ultimate set of processes and systems to guarantee your core activities remain in permanently good health. Create KPI dashboards which encompass all channels to reflect the patient-oriented evolution of your company
  • Get Engaged: Listen, map and understand your customer to plot the decisive value proposition and become your customer’s natural partner of choice. Deliver education and services which build trust and parity with physicians and patients. Novartis, LEO Pharma and UCB reveal their approach

Your customer is in charge: are you ready to take action? Download the full sales, KAM, marketing and patient focused agendas here

To view the 2015 highlights and keep updated with the event download the brochure here