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The Digital Future of Healthcare by Greg Verdino

I’ve just returned from a week in Europe with stops in London, Berlin and Paris. Among the many highlights, I had the opportunity to kick-off the annual leadership summit for a major pharmaceuticals company. As this business — like many in its sector and beyond — embarks on a journey toward digital transformation, I shared my thoughts on the many ways digital is shaping the present and future of the healthcare industry. You can view my slides below. As always, they are highly visual and were meant to complement my talk, not replace it — particularly toward the end, where I got into specific, strategic recommendations for the client (none of which are included here, for obvious reasons). That said, if you’re interested in how the healthcare industry is evolving as a result of accelerating changes in internet of things (#IoT), health tech, quantified self, the crowd economy and even artificial intelligence, you may enjoy this presentation.