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AMICOMED goes to San Francisco: the only European start-up selected by Launchpad Digital Health – Ground Zero program


Amicomed, the Swiss based startup, has developed the first fully digital consumer hypertension lifestyle modification program. After a recent and successful pilot in Italy, Amicomed has been the only European company selected by Launchpad Digital Health – Ground Zero  (LDH-GZ) inaugural program on helping to solve United States’ high blood pressure epidemic.

The 4-month LDH-GZ program is the first unique accelerator in the Silicon Valley, and is designed to immerse entrepreneurs in its new digital health hub, testing and calibrating their business plans, operations, scaling, partnerships and more.

“Amicomed’s hypertension management service will benefit greatly from this digital health program to enhance our ambitious and innovative project, making it accessible to the US population with hypertension.”, says Giangiacomo Rocco di Torrepadula, CEO and co-founder from its new office on Mission Street in San Francisco.

Amicomed has developed a customer centric solution designed to provide blood pressure management via lifestyle changes through motivational triggers and delightful and intuitive user experience.

The 3-month lifestyle modification program empowers people to master high blood pressure in their own hands, acting only on lifestyle changes: types of foods to eat, types of physical activities, and how and when to measure their blood pressure and more.

In 2016, Amicomed’s clinically relevant results[1] have already been presented at leading medical conferences including the American College of Cardiology and the American Society of Hypertension.

According to the US Center for Disease Control, 70 million American adults have hypertension but only 50% of them have it under control. While high blood pressure (the common name for hypertension) usually does not have any apparent symptoms, it can precipitate life-threatening complications such as stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, coronary artery disease, impaired vision and more, making high blood pressure one of the most expensive healthcare risks in the US with costs of more than 47 billion dollars per year. Managing this risk can result in significant cost savings across the board. The Amicomed program is designed and positioned to be adopted by large clients such as health insurance companies, self-insured employers and government based health and wellness programs and from all care providers aiming to address healthy behaviors in managing chronic disease.


[1] The study was conducted in Italy and 70% of those who signed up and stayed with it were able to achieve in 3 months a systolic blood pressure reduction of up to 20mmHg, with an average reduction of 5mmHg across the entire group. To put the importance of these results in context one only needs to consider that an average 5mmHg blood pressure reduction corresponds to a 30% lower chance of a fatal cardiovascular event in total for people suffering from hypertension.