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Webinar presenting the Digital Futures 2014 survey with Havas Lynx



For all the chatter that’s been heard over the years about how pharmaceutical companies just don’t ‘get’ digital marketing, one of the most striking results from the Digital Futures 2014 survey was how well-aligned company and individual priorities seem to be. The online survey heard the views of nearly 250 people working in and for the pharma industry. Among the questions were those that asked what aspects of digital marketing individuals would like to make more use of in 2014 and which ones they thought their company would focus on over the next 12 months.

This free webinar will provide a deep dive into the Digital Futures 2014 survey, conducted by PMGroup in association with Havas Lynx.

Speakers will include PMGroup editorial director Dominic Tyer and guests.

February 20, 1pm (UK time), 2pm (CET)

You can sign up  now and join the Webinar on the 20th below…


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