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RxRisk URL Shortener to comply with FDA guidelines created by Navicor and GSW who are part of inVentiv Healt

The FDA's new social media guidelines—and a tool that creatively addresses them—might make you rethink the way you link.

The FDA now wants a risk-labeled link.

Fair balance can be tough in limited-space media like Twitter and Instagram. The FDA knows how small 140 characters are—yet their 2014 guidelines make us spend a ton of those precious characters to tell readers our most serious risk. We also need a link to complete safety info. And that link has to communicate “risk.”

You want to save space.

The FDA’s guidance is long. But we’ll boil it down for you in one click: RxRI.SK. Now you can get a Twitter-worthy, character-conserving shortcut.

This goes to your risk page.

With RxRI.SK, this does too.

Rethink the way you link.

Talk with your regulatory team about the FDA recommendations—and tell them about RxRI.SK as a character-saving resource.

GSW, in collaboration with inVentiv Health, is pleased to bring you this URL-shortening tool with a tiny risk label already built in. Because part of speaking people means taking care of the little things.

Free. Really. No need to register or log in.