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Ogilvy Brazil is Training Tattoo Artists to Spot Signs of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. In Brazil, 180,000 new skin cancer cases are diagnosed annually. But the problem is that younger people don’t see dermatalogists as often as they should. To try get their skins examined anyway, Ogilvy Brazil enlisted another group of people that get really close to the epidermis: tattoo artists.

With support from sunscreen brand Sol de Janeiro, the agency got 450 tattoo artists to come to training and lectures by an oncologist. He taught them the “ABCD” rule that is used to spot signs of skin cancer — Asymmetry, Border Irregularity, Color and Diameter.

This visual exam is the first step to noticing any irregularities. Tattoo artists were then asked to encourage people to see a dermatalogist.