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McCann Health Promotes Sandra Carey to Global President, Expert Audiences


In response to an evolving healthcare delivery system, Carey will further develop the expert audience practice as a core competency in McCann Health

McCann Health today announced the promotion of Sandra Carey, currently Global President, McCann Health Pharmacy Marketing to Global President, Expert Audiences. Expert audiences refer to the agency’s increased focus on broadening reach to healthcare experts in their respective fields, those considered to be healthcare extenders, such as pharmacists, nurses, dentists, dieticians and other health professionals. As illustrated by the global pandemic, healthcare extenders play a pivotal role in health care delivery, conducting activities and interventions in disease prevention and health promotion by working closely with patients and physicians.

In her new role, Carey will bring fresh thinking and innovation to McCann Health’s practice dedicated to expert audiences. She will work with a team of healthcare extenders across McCann Health to bring insights, understanding and meaningful programs to the network’s clients that are now focusing on these practice areas. She will be reviewing the network’s current offerings, processes and tools and develop best practices to be shared across all A&P agencies, promoting collaboration and shared learning to meet client’s new needs.

“Many aspects of the health delivery system have been forced to reset, reevaluate and innovate to address the changing needs of patients and consumers in the mid and post-COVID-19 world” said John Cahill, Global Chief Executive Officer, McCann Health, “The primacy of the “expert” at all levels of health delivery has demonstrated that Sandra’s own expertise in the knowledge of these healthcare professionals will greatly benefit our clients’ brands and businesses.

“With so many new or emerging players in the healthcare delivery system, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding and line in to how each of those experts in their field engage with patients and consumers, as to ensure that our clients are able to make those meaningful connections at every touchpoint,” said Sandra Carey.

McCann Health has long been a leader in understanding and engaging with the experts that provide health services to the communities of the world. Understanding that while regulatory frameworks, the nature of the health system and context of health provision are important and becoming more uniform, fully grasping how experts practice in the real world is fundamental to how most health brands are perceived and ultimately, how they succeed short and long term. Investing in an expert audience practice will allow McCann Health to ensure that our clients’ brands and businesses are able to effectively engage with every health care provider who may have an exchange with the patient to better deliver positive health outcomes.

Carey has had a longstanding deep understanding and connection to the practice of healthcare delivery and the various expert roles involved as a part of the community-based care team. She is recognized as a global practice leader from her work driving initiatives to support the advancement of healthcare extenders, including McCann Health’s Global Pharmacy practice. Prior to joining McCann Health, she has held leadership positions in retail, international and national regulatory bodies.  Carey has been a practicing pharmacist and practitioner for most of her career, working as a clinical pharmacist in a family practice setting, running diabetes and pain management clinics, and consulting for insurers, private companies and government on practice change to address a changing health care environment. Sandra has served as a key resource to pharmaceutical organizations on numerous matters of the business of pharmacy, regulatory landscape and practice models involving pharmacists, technicians, and assistants integration into multidisciplinary teams. Sandra will continue her work with the Global Pharmacy practice as one of the expert audiences under her new position, with the goal of expanding community-based care practice, focusing on programs written and designed by experts for the experts.