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Langland names and rebrands Co-operative pharmacy as ‘Well’


Co-operative Pharmacy, the UK’s third-largest pharmacy chain with 780 stores and more than 7,000 employees, has relaunched as Well, with a new identity by healthcare advertising agency Langland.

The new name reflects a shift in people’s attitudes to health, from passively accepting treatment, towards taking a more active role in personal wellness. It also connects with the idea of the well as a central feature of a healthy community. The simple, contemporary logo updates the rather staid, traditional experience of high street pharmacy for the realities of modern retail.

“This rebrand reflects modern attitudes to health, as the conversation has shifted from illness to wellness.  The new brand, with significant investment from Bestway, will be the first to deliver the kind of accessible, local healthcare people want and need, to complement the service they get from their GP.” Kate Spencer, Managing Partner, Langland.

The rebrand positions Well to capitalise on its high street presence, qualified medical staff and high levels of public trust, and expand its role in community health, which it is looking to do by adding services and providing more personalised care. Against a bigger picture of an overstretched NHS, helping to effect change that can benefit people’s lives reflects Langland’s core purpose of creating ‘ideas for a healthier world’.

Bestway acquired the chain in a £620m deal.  The Well brand is seen as a platform for significant growth, with £200m of investment planned. The aim is to increase revenues from £750m to £1bn by 2019.