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The Ideas Foundation has beaten off stiff competition from across the world to win The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards 2015 Talent Fund.

Last years award show raised £13,500.00. Charities and organisations from across the planet where invited to pitch for the Talent Fund. The brief they had to answer was –

How would you use the Talent Fund to help increase diversity and untapped talent into health and wellness communication agencies? 

Winners of the 2015 awards where invited to review the pitches and vote on where the money went.

The Ideas Foundation is committed to helping disadvantaged teenagers find a career in advertising. It believes that by increasing diversity in the creative industries, fundamentally increases the quality of creative ideas. The Creative Floor Awards Talent Fund will now help them direct more diversity and untapped talent into health and wellness agencies.

Robin Wight, Founder, The Ideas Foundation said: “I created the charity, The Ideas Foundation, to nurture creativity and diversity and to develop pathways into the creative industries for students who wouldn’t normally find their way into the sector. We have worked on a range of health related campaigns, anti-bullying, global hand washing, and are currently working on the fitness related Space to Earth Challenge with astronaut Tim Peake.  I’m thrilled that The Creative Floor have chosen The Ideas Foundation to be the Talent Fund winner.  We are looking forward to working with the healthcare communications sector.”

Shaheed Peera, Founder, The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards said: “I’d like to thank everyone who entered our award show last year. It is only down to your support that we are able to help support greater diversity into the healthcare advertising industry. This year we are looking forward to celebrating more creative brilliance and raising even more money for the Talent Fund.”


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