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The Creative Floor Healthcare Awards raise £6K to help young talent


2014 was a big year for us. We launched our first award show. Our outrageous ambition was to change the way creative healthcare awards shows are run.

Our 1st goal was to raise money for a fund that would go towards helping young talent find their way into the creative healthcare industry. Winners of the show decide where it goes.

Our 2nd was to raise the creative standards (and interest) of the category by throwing into the mix some of the world’s most famous consumer Creative Director judges into it. (If you have the same healthcare judges, judging every other award show, you’re always going to get the same result – right?)

And the 3rd was to celebrate creativity beyond the creative department. By recognising the Best Suits (account men) and Clients. Without these rare breeds (and they really are) great work would never see the light of day.

To be fair we had a few cynics along the way. But I think you always need a few of those to make life interesting.

So what were the results?

The industry from across the globe got behind it. We exceeded our numbers on entries. Which was amazing. Almost half of the categories were wiped out at the first round of judging. There were no 2nd or 3rd places. Only Winners.  Nothing was awarded that didn’t reach 10/10.

But most importantly, we raised £5000 towards our talent fund.

Since the show, we’ve been hunting down some amazing organisations (who all would not be around if it wasn’t for the brilliance of volunteers) to see who could use the money to help young talent break into our industry.

The organisations that have put proposals forward are The School of Communication Arts 2.0, The Ideas Foundation, Young Creative Council and Advertising Health.

This week all submissions went to the Winners of the show for their vote. As of yesterday (20 November) The Amazing, The Wonderful Elizabeth Elfenbein, Partner at The Cement Bloc added an additional £1000 to it. Bringing the fund to £6000.

In the next couple of weeks, once all the votes are in I’ll be able to share the winner with you.

I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Everyone who supported our award show this year. Not only did you help us celebrate some excellent work and people. But you have helped prove that award shows can mean and be, so much more than a shiny award at the end of a 3-course dinner.

Until the next time.

Shaheed X

Shaheed Peera, Founder & CEO, The Creative Floor