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2013 PM360 Pharma Choice Winners

pm360 awards

Once again PM360 asked the industry to go online and vote on the year’s best ads in 10 categories: Professional Campaign, Consumer and Professional Websites, Unbranded, Sales Aid, App, Print and Digital Self-Promotion, Video and DTC/DTP. More than 5,000 votes were cast to select our 30 winners with a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner in each category. On the following tabs we showcase the winning campaigns along with the creative team behind them and a short description of their creative process.

This year’s Pharma Choice Awards attracted a record number of entries with more than 200 overall and each category well represented. So more than ever, these campaigns proved their ability to attract attention in the information-saturated healthcare environment where the pool of competition only seems to keep getting larger. Even better: These campaigns were chosen by their peers (including their competition) and all of the winners should take pride in that fact. It was the very people who dedicate their careers to devising healthcare creative who decided that these campaigns are worth special recognition.

Here they are: