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Colombian League Against Cancer ‘Cáncer Tweets’

A cancer that follows you virtually. Cancer is a silent disease, every year millions of people die for ignoring their symptoms. That’s why we created Cancertweets, an act that make people feel what it is like to have cancer and how easy is to ignore it. We created 7 Twitter accounts that represented 7 types of cancer and ‘spread out’ the virtual cancer throughout thousands of accounts. Virtual cancer acted as a real cancer: at first, followed silently. Then, started to manifest subtle; finally expressed its symptoms directly. Those who detected on time, virtual cancer stopped following them. Those who ignored it, received a final message.

We had to create a low budget campaign and we had to increase our social network traffic. Public. Thanks to Twitter essence, the public was always in direct contact with the campaign. Virtual cancer entered the Twitter Accounts without previous warning, as it happens in real life. It just started to follow whichever Accounts it wanted. Once there, virtual cancer talked in a general and subtle way, but then it started to talk directly by means of twitter mentions. Finally, in its critical stage, League Against Cancer unvailed the campaign through their Twitter Account, giving a final prevention message.

4 months of planning. 7 months in action on Twitter. League Against Cancer is an organization with limited funds for advertising prevention campaigns, However, in order to save more lives, they need people to know how to prevent cancer before it reaches final stage. That´s why Cancertweets was so important to them. It wasn´t just a campaign talking about cancer, it actually made every person feel what it was like to have cancer and how easy it was to ignore it. But it wasn´t just that. Best of all, League Against Cancer had a successful campaing, full of free press, without spending a dime.

- More than 20 million of potential impacts on Twitter. – After this action, League Against Cancer Twitter account increased their followers up to 900% – During the action, we got thousands of free RTS from famous people. – Cost per response: 0. – Twice Trendtopic in Colombia with #cancervirtual. – 12 different countries talked about cancertweets on different media. – Free press in more than 70 digital newspapers, included the BBC of London. – Free press in more than 10 TV channels and radio stations, included ‘La W’ and ‘La FM’. – As in real life, 99% of users detected the virtual cancer on their critical stage.

We created Cancertweets, an action to make people experiment, in a personalized way, the silent manner in which cancer acts and how easy it can develop to a final stage without being aware of it. The complete campaign took place on twitter, which allowed us to reach thousands of people at zero cost. In addition the twitter platform allowed us to be certain that the message would reach the people we wanted, and thanks to them the message spread out all over the world.